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1  Retro Computing / Commodore 64 General Topics / Re: Type-in games (Help wanted!) on: September 28, 2010, 09:44:37 AM
In addition, there are a number of book titles that I am searching for to help me in my quest (as it were):-
Books that I am finished with get sent to http://bombjack.org/commodore for scanning and preservation.


Replicating Reality: Exploring Computer Simulations
by Tim Hartnell

Stimulating simulations for the Commodore 64
by C. William Engel
Creating Political and Military Simulation Games on Your Micro
by Mike Rose
Big Fat Book of Computer Games
by Tim Hartnell
(Generic computer book. I already have the "Big fat book of Games for the Commodore 64" book)

Computer Games
by Patricia Grady
Castles and Kingdoms: Adventures for Your Commodore 64
by Bob Liddil
(I have a copy of this one, but it is missing pages of one of the games)
Commodore 64 Game Construction Kit
by William L. Rupp
(It's a book! Not the activision program)

Games Commodore 64 Computers Play
by Robert Young

Space Adventures for the Commodore 64 (Getting Ahead)
by Peter Lear
Blast off with BASIC games for your Commodore 64
by David D. Busch

Commodore 64 Fun & Games volume 2


If anyone out there has one of these books, please contact me!!
2  Retro Computing / Commodore 64 General Topics / Type-in games (Help wanted!) on: September 28, 2010, 09:37:14 AM
Hi there,

I'm working with the Gamebase64 project to collect as much game software for the C64 as possible before we lose it all to faulty floppies, munched cassettes, recycled library books, and the dustbin of history.

Part of my work is to type-in (by manual or electronic means), games written for the C64 that were printed in books or magazines.
Some games were designed with the C64 in mind. Others have been ported from more "generic" MS BASIC programs.

Anyway, I could use some help doing this. I have a rather hefty collection of scanned game listings in JPEG and PDF format that I'd like to get into the C64 (or an emulator). Personally I use VICE on-screen with the listing in order to produce the programs, but sometimes (especially with the more generic BASIC programs), OCR scans, a text editor, and the TOK64 utility come in very handy.

If anyone here is bored one evening and would like to help out with the task, please shoot me off a mail at riobaan@hotmail.com and I can supply you with files of listings to work with.

Thanks Smiley
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