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Title: 2011 Notacon/PixelJam - first day
Post by: RobertB on April 16, 2011, 07:16:24 AM
     More details tomorrow.  I arrived into Cleveland late in the afternoon, and fellow Commodore/Amigan Keith Monahan picked me up at the airport.  After checking in at our respective hotels, we had dinner at the Cleveland Chophouse.  Then it was off to the Hilton Garden Inn, the new venue for the show.  I started setting up my equipment immediately after finding the game room in a maze of hallways.  The Amiga 1200 is running perfectly; one of the C64s got battered in transit, and the 1541 is not responding well to any load command.

          I'll try to get the C64 working somehow tomorrow,
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Title: Re: 2011 Notacon/PixelJam - second day
Post by: RobertB on April 17, 2011, 08:32:02 AM
     Well, I said I would have more details, but this is another quick report, after spending all day at the con.  When I got to the gaming room at just after 10 a.m., I put aside the damaged 1541 and ran the C64 with the SD2IEC card drive.  I found an appropriate video cable and combined the luma and chroma lines together with a y-cable which plugged into the composite jack of the LCD monitor I brought.  I loaded up more games into the SD card for the C64.  On the Amiga I ran a few demos in addition to the games.
     Unfortunately, Notacon provided me with tv's that had no composite input but just RF connections; I didn't bring any RF adapter with me, and though two people yesterday said that they would bring me an adapter, they did not show up with any such thing.  So, the Amiga and the C64 had to share the one LCD monitor I brought.  That meant a lot of plugging and unplugging, depending on which system I wanted to show.
     Shredz64, which I ran from a SD card on the SD2IEC, worked perfectly in conjunction with the PSX64 adapter and the Guitar Hero guitar.  The C64 had JiffyDOS which made accessing the .D64s on the card easy.
     For the Oldskool demo and music categories, there was no Commodore or Amiga representation.  There were demos from an Apple IIGS and from the Apple Lisa (the first ever for that platform!).
     I was on Notacon Radio for about 45 minutes, talking about Commodore and Amiga, and when Jason Scott called in, we conversed about the future Blockparty 5 in California.
     More details tomorrow.

          Attendance down this year at the con,
          Robert Bernardo
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