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Title: Another SC3 Arcade Party video (Was: VCF East 6.0 videos...)
Post by: RobertB on October 06, 2009, 11:24:45 PM
On Mon, October 5, 2009 5:53 pm, I wrote:

> ...various attendees trying out Shredz64 (Guitar Hero for the C64... At nearly one hour, this first
> video, entitled "Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0 (2009)", is at


> The second video is the complete Sunday presentation given by David Ahl, editor of Creative
> Computing magazine...


     Heh, BIOS has posted Charles Gutman's 3-minute video of me hassling with a balky C64/1571 system at the SC3 Arcade Party.  After the success of showing off Shredz64 at VCF East, I was trying to repeat
that at the SC3 Arcade Party.  Unfortunately, due to crossed communications, there was no C64 system waiting for me at the party.  I had to dig out a questionable C64 and 1571 out of my car and hope that it worked with Shredz64.
     No go.  I only got a partial menu on Shredz64, not enough for anyone to figure out how to play it.  The Guitar Hero guitar lay by the wayside, while a few party attendees came up to me and said they were really looking forward to playing Shredz64.  I had to soothe their feelings by saying that my VIC-20 would be set up with the Behr-Bonz Multi-cart of 30 games and by telling them that Shredz64 would be
ready at the spring party.
     To see Charles' video, go to


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