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Title: An Atari ST-based BBS
Post by: Paul on March 09, 2009, 05:38:53 AM
Back in the days of BBS's, one of my favourite bulletin board systems was running from an Atari ST.  It was known as Assassin's Grove.  I used to dial in to "The Grove," as we called it, on a frequent basis; in particular around 1989-1992.  It inspired me to start up my own BBS for a short while, and is probably responsible for playing a role in inspiring me to create 

This BBS is still available today, and can be found here: (

The guy who runs it is a really cool guy named Jeff (all the Jeff's I know are great guys), and he's currently involved in the ultra-cool Pandora project (  Hopefully, Jeff will grace us with his presence and share with us more details about the BBS days and his current projects.