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Title: Coleco
Post by: RobertB on November 04, 2017, 01:46:24 AM
     I've had a chance in the past to own a Coleco Adam, but I've never jumped at it, because it was such a clunky computer.  No doubts about the Colecovision game console.  It was supposed to be better than the Atari 2600, and that's why my father purchased one for us kids many years ago.  That Colecovision survives, though, its power switch needs work.
     Duncan M. gifted me with another Colecovision in nice condition with mods, like the composite video mod (yay!) and an internal, modern power supply (no more p.s. brick to worry about).  I asked about the cream-colored joysticks accompanying the black console.  He said that at the very end Coleco was using Adam joysticks to fill the console orders.  Interesting trivia!

          Robert Bernardo
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