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Title: Commodore 8bit Search
Post by: zap on November 20, 2011, 02:39:19 AM
Not sure if this is the right place too post this news.

I would like too introduce "Commodore 8bit Search" but hang on isn’t there a perfectly good FTP site indexer already available ""
what's new. i guess for now only speed, server specific searching and a great form you can place on your own site! example look too the top right, wish too add this form email me or PM here. We have a large feature list too add too our search site, should there be interest here i will post them as they are added here and any features requested get my full attention as well as site's too added too the index, I would even consider other 8bit platforms if so requested nothing is off the table. ie Recently we added the bombjack site too our FTP with permission from DLH a benefit of this is the files on bombjack were added too our index and can now be easily found using our search engine.

Anyways give it a go and find that file your after or ask how your site could be added FTP or otherwise.